Tom Dashle apparently really, really wanted to go back into public life and stop making lots of money.  So, when he was making lots of money, he was careful not to cross the line that legally defines “lobbying” – though he was doing it in all but name.  If you’re so super-careful about this and do want to go back into a career where you’re highly likely to be vetted, you’d think you should be equally careful about your taxes.  Right?  So, let’s say he (or presumably his deductible  accountant) was plain confused.  On the same day Dashle withdrew, so did another Obama nominee, Nancy Killifer, for not paying around $1000 taxes for household help, etc.., etc…..

So, I think these people were more careful than the average person in trying to pay their taxes properly as they stood a greater chance of a public audit.  And, if that is the case, how much “accidentally” unpaid tax is there out there in the economy from all the people who don’t think they’ll ever be scrutinized ?  Anyone who has anything beyond the basic mortgage deductions Turbotax handles so well I think are very likely to be in trouble.  Any household help, nanny type stuff is confusing probably.  What expenses can you deduct if you travel?  I’m not sure I even know.

It just calls for simplifying the tax code.