I was really impressed by the trick pulled by the Top Chef producers this week.

Leah is a lame cook and made it much further than she deserved to given her talents.  And on the way several better cooks got knocked out partly because they were in “team Leah” in some round.

I think the producers realized this and brought back two of the people recently eliminated, and Leah, back to give the dice another role.  I was scared Leah would squeeze by on luck again but this time the Gods did not play games and she lost.  Jeff won but then got knocked out again anyway as he had to “win” the elimination challenge to survive.  But then Stefan squeezed by even though his food was worse than Jeff’s!  I guess there has to be little unfairness to keep us watching.  And I think they keep Stefan partly because he’s the guy everyone loves to hate (though I like him!).