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Obsessively Checking Email, Feel Free To Profit From This Idea

Email is the superior form of communication as I have argued a few times before, but it can sure aggravate your self-control problems. I am here to help you with that. As you sit in your office working, reading, etc., the random email arrival process is ticking along inside your computer. As time passes it […]


Feel Free To Profit From This Idea

You know the show Iron Chef?  Someone should organize Iron Blogger.  You are the chairman, you assemble your Iron Bloggers, and each week you invite a challenger blogger.  The “secret ingredient” is a topic for the challenger and his chosen Iron Blogger to write about.  You appoint judges to evaluate the writing according to content, […]

Feel Free To Profit From This Idea

I want to make a prediction.  But I want to do it like this: Keep the prediction secret, indeed even keeping secret what the prediction is about. Have the prediction revealed at some pre-specified future date. Have it certified that the prediction was recorded on a certain date and not changed after that. Is there […]

Feel Free to Profit From This Idea

I don’t want an iPad because I don’t want to carry around a big device just to read.  I want to read on my iPhone.  With one hand.  (Settle down now.  I need the other hand to hold a glass of wine.)  But the iPhone has a small screen.  Sure I can zoom, but that […]

Feel Free to Profit from this Idea

I learned to juggle 3 balls when I was about 10.  Its a great trick when you are 10 but it really comes in handy when you are a parent as endless entertainment for your kids.  But now mine are getting bored and they are demanding 5 balls.  Juggling 5 balls is pretty close to […]

Sordid Links

Letters to photographs of yourself. And she thought they smelled bad from the outside. Not Iyengar. Music ngram search. Rejected R. Crumb New Yorker cover. Feel free to profit from this idea.

The Market for Cookies

Advertisers want information about your tastes and habits so they can decide how much they are willing to pay to advertise at you.  That information is stored by your web browser on your hard drive.  Did you know that every time you access a web page you freely hand over that information to a broker […]

How To Sell The Sun

For 4.6 billion years, the Sun has provided free energy, light, and warmth to Earth, and no one ever realized what a huge moneymaking opportunity is going to waste. Well, at long last, the Sun is finally under new ownership. Angeles Duran, a woman from the Spanish region of Galicia, is the new proud owner […]

Thoughts Left Lying Around

How will NFL marketing geniuses handle Super Bowl L? It is easier to hold your breath underwater because there is no instinct to breathe. By revealed preference, everyone is better off when goods are priced $99.99 The new iPhone 4 gyroscope will make this possible. If you find something you have written sitting around at […]

Why I Blog

I am still trying to convince Sandeep to follow me on Twitter. It’s all part of an experiment which I shall be writing about in a forthcoming paper. Hoping for venture financing for levitating balls.